Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer Uniform Work Oxford Shoe Review

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Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer Uniform Work Oxford Shoe Review

Having the proper pair of boots is always handy. They do more than just complete the attire. They render protection of the foot and also safe-guards it from several bacterial hazards which are available in the outside surface. There are several genes of boots which are available in both genres of the market. Among them one such model which we are going to deal with today is the Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer 8 Inch L N ST Uniform Work Oxford.  So to know more about it just go through the article which descends.


  • They are very comfortable and cool to look at.
  • They cover the entire ankle and safe-guards it from bacteria and injuries.
  • They have a super strong base which assists in renders stability and easy mobility.
  • They have super shock absorbing features and an inbuilt cushioning making the foot nice and cozy.


  • They are primarily manufactured using leather fabrics which mean that they can just be a touch rough in the first couple of days. But that is only temporary and will diminish with more and more usages.
  • Another thing about these leather fabric boots is that they cannot be used on damp and rainy reasons. If they are so then there is a strong chance that they might get soggy and heavy and take a lot of time to dry off.
  • There are also not many color options and are available only in black shades. But the people who have catered to its uses have opined that the black texture goes well with the model.

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Product review:

The Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer 8 Inch L N ST Uniform Work Oxford is something which the military and other civilian police forces employ. But that doesn’t mean that general people are restricted from its uses. They have strong rubber soles, with 200 gms of thinsulate insulation. They are ready to use, are true to their size and can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.

They are extremely durable, long lasting, can be easily cleaned or polished and comprise of an upper nylon feature which provides its users stability and flexibility. They amazingly for being leather boots are extremely light weight and cement constructed.  The steel toe ASTM F2413/11 is also another one of its amazing traits.

They also have a double density steel sole which renders super cushioning and also one can get steel to toe protection. Its EVA mid-sole are fusioned with oil and slip resistant Nexus rubber based outsole. The dimensions of the product are about 12*8*4” and weighs about 1.8pounds.

Final summarization:

Bates Men’s Safety Enforcer 8 Inch L N ST Uniform Work Oxford, Black, 11 M US

Though each and every feature of this product is top notch but the thing which makes them so popular and desirable among the general people is its universality and light weight. By universality I mean that it can go with almost any piece of clothing and for any given occasion. They are available in every shoe trading cyber forum and are available at cost effective costs ranges of about $96.57- $135.95.

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