9 Best Boots for Short Women In 2024

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Dressing according to your height is simply not just restricted to your clothes. You also need to find the right pair of boots if you want to enhance your body type. Finding the right kind of boots for your height can be quite difficult, and there are quite a few factors you need to consider. Short women require boots that that are not only pleasing aesthetically, but they also need to enhance the height. With the right kind of boots, women who are on the shorter side can look taller.

We have prepared a list of boots based on customer reviews if you want to look lean, long and gorgeous. Let’s look at some of the best boots available right now as per customer reviews that are perfectly suited for short women and accentuate their height when worn with all kinds of leggings, jeans and dresses.

Speed Limit 98 Women’s Rosa Chunky High Heel Lace Up Ankle Boot Bootie

Speed Limit 98 Womens Rosa Chunky High Heel Lace Up Ankle Boot Bootie-1These classic Speed Limit high heel boots will help you look longer, slimmer and shapelier. They are an excellent choice for young women due to the pointed toe inside that makes the feet look elongated. A V-shaped ramp is included inside to add to the longer look. The heel height and proportion are perfectly balanced to ensure women who wear these boots do not wobble or feel uncomfortable while walking. The heels are extremely durable without being too chunky, and the shoe, in general, looks quite shapely and well proportioned. The ankle length fit and streamlined looks of the shoes ensure that you look aesthetically taller and more confident. The elaborate detail and texture cleverly make feet look longer.


  • Perfect for bad angles
  • Offers great balance while walking
  • The traction and grip are excellent


  • These boots might get slippery on wet surfaces
  • They are larger than the sizes advertised, and you might have to choose a size smaller for a perfect fit

Dailyshoes Women’s Slouchy Mid-Calf Strappy Boots with Ankle and Top Straps – 2″ Heel Fashion Boots

Dailyshoes Women's Slouchy Mid Calf Strappy Boots with Ankle and Top Straps - 2 Heel Fashion Boots-2These Dailyshoes boots are perfect for looking taller and braving the winter at the same time. Despite the 2” heels, you will look reasonably taller due to the flattering design and mid-calf length. These mid-calf boots offer the perfect balance of warmth and comfort and set you apart in the crowd. These boots are a combination of all the latest trends in fashion and also balances comfort and style. These 14” boots look extremely chic, and the straps on the front and back ensure you do not slip while walk wearing these heeled boots. The suede finish and top quality materials ensure you get the best of luxury at a reasonable price.


  • Extremely durable and snug
  • Keeps feet warm in winters
  • Straps prevent any slips and accidents


  • Not suited for warm weather

Women’s Lala-02 Buckle Straps Low Heel Casual Trendy Round Toe Mid Calf Knee High Boots

Women's Lala-02 Buckle Straps Low Heel Casual Trendy Round Toe Mid Calf Knee High Boots-3The Lala Buckle Strap Boots are pointy toe knee length boots are specifically designed for short women. These boots offer a refreshing change from the gray and black boots and look extremely classy. The shoes have a support mechanism to ensure you feel comfortable and do not lose balance while walking. These shoes have been designed for long hours of usage, and you can wear them comfortably at work without feeling uncomfortable. The cushioned heels minimize the impact on the heels and the soft lining above the knee length ensures your legs stay warm even in cold weather.


  • Flexible calf areas to allow larger calves to fit in
  • Cushioned ankle support
  • Soft lining keeps feet warm


Top Moda Women’s Auto-2 Round Toe Dress Boot

Top Moda Women's Auto-2 Round Toe Dress Boot-4These synthetic toe dress boots from Top Moda are perfectly suited for petite women and offer extreme comfort with the 17” arch. The 2.5” thick man-made Faux leather offers a snug fit and can easily flatter your height. These boots are a tad higher than the mid-calf and can be worn with all kinds of dresses, leggings, and jeans. The thick heels have rubber soles to ensure you get the maximum grip possible and also be comfortable in wet and slippery surfaces. Wearing and removing the boots is a breeze with the extremely smooth zipper that snugly hides itself in its compartment when you pull it up. They are perfect for all kinds of formal and casual events and the adjustable belts ensure you can perfectly balance yourself without feeling uncomfortable.


  • Rubber sole offers great grip
  • Inner lining keeps legs comfortable and warm
  • Adjustable belts can be used for a customized fit


  • Boots tend to be a size larger than advertised

Show Story Punk Buckle Night Sky High Heel Stiletto Platform Ankle Boots, LF30301

Show Story Punk Buckle Night Sky High Heel Stiletto Platform Ankle Boots,LF30301-5These synthetic boots are perfect for enhancing the height for petite women. You not only get perfect boots that enhance your height but also get to choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to suit all kinds of clothes. The heel is perfectly attached to the soles of the shoes using a special pasting mechanism that allows you comfortably wear the boots without slipping for feeling out of balance when walking. The platform boots with stiletto heels are perfect for all kinds of parties and events where looking chic is necessary. The padded insoles ensure you can wear the boots for long hours without succumbing to fatigue.


  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Twin adjustable belts for a comfortable fit
  • Striking designs near the toes and in heels


  • The boots might become slippery while walking on wet surfaces

JJF Shoes Women’s COMPOSE-01 High Heel Almond Toe Lace Up Ankle Booties

JJF Shoes Women's COMPOSE-01 High Heel Almond Toe Lace Up Ankle Booties-6These synthetic leather JJF boots are perfect for petite women with the contrasting stitches and lace up design that flatters the feet into looking taller. The boots look enormous and instantly add quite a bit of height. The top-down lace up boots can fit quite snugly, and the platform is extremely comfortable to stand on even for long hours. The inner lining is quite soft and ensures you can wear them to work all day without feeling a thing. These high ankle boots are excellent for pairing with formal wear as well as casual wear.


  • Lace Up design easily flatters women into looking taller
  • The Synthetic suede finish offers amazing durability
  • Contrasting laces offer a chic look


  • Round toe design might not be suitable for people with pointy feet sometimes

Breckelles Women’s High Heel Lace Up Ankle Booties

Breckelles Women's High Heel Lace Up Ankle Booties-7The Breckelles Women’s High Heel Lace Up Ankle Booties not only add to the height and make short women look taller but also offer a completely fierce range of designs. Even while walking on smooth surfaces the boots do not lose grip at all because the amount of traction in the bottom of the boots is extremely good. They can be easily worn with socks for a better fit and can easily suit all kinds of formal and informal attire. They look extremely good with all kinds of jeans, dresses and leggings and are extremely versatile. These boots are available in 5 different colors and designs including Red, Black, Brown, Military Camel and Brown Leopard.


  • Available in a wide variety of designs
  • High traction even on wet surfaces
  • Roomy fit with soft inside lining

DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Lace up Mid Calf High Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots

DailyShoes Women's Military Combat Lace up Mid Calf High Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots-8These Military Combat Lace Up boots not only offer a great boost in height to petite women but also offer a lot of utilities. These boots include pockets for credit cards, knives, and money. They are available in 11 colors, and each of the variants has its design quirks. The cord style laces are perfect for adjusting the fit of the boots and are accompanied by zippers for easy fitting. The colors easily contrast with all kinds of clothes and offer a casual and stylish look. They make women look tall without making the feet look too big. The boots are perfectly balanced in terms of comfort and style. These boots are not only comfortable but also highly functional. The 3.5” heels are quite sturdy and allow women to walk comfortably without losing traction and balance. The shoes seem to have very high traction, and you can easily wear them for long hours without facing any fatigue at all.


  • Available in a lot stylish color options
  • Heels are extremely durable
  • Adds height to the feet without being too bulky


  • You need to ensure you keep the boots clean because of the light color tones

Lilianna CAITLYN-46 Women’s Camouflage High Heel Ankle Boots

Lilianna CAITLYN-46 Women's Camouflage High Heel Ankle Boots-9These high heel ankle boots are extremely stylish, comfortable and sexy. The lace hooks can be easily adjusted to fit comfortably. The color scheme of the boots is excellent in both the variants and can be worn with all kinds of dresses and outfits are casual occasions. The soles are extremely sturdy, and the boots have great traction, in general, they are also responsible for making anyone with short stature quite tall. The boots do not slip even the slipperiest of surfaces and are perfect for all body types. Overall, these boots offer great value in terms of style and comfort.


  • Amazing color combinations
  • Laces allow adjustments for comfortable fitting
  • Great traction


  • Laces need to be tightened up for a better and comfortable fit

These are some of the most versatile boots that can enhance the height of short women and add quite a bit of style to their outfits.

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