60s21 Rhino 6 inch Steel Toe Safety Work Boot Review

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Boots are not only worn to cover your feet or as a uniform. It is one of the major accessory that comforts you and also saves you from injuries and accidents. Thus, many people who really believe in taking precautions prefers steel toed work boots. These boots are built with durable original leather and with the authenticity in its quality. They work as a shield for your ankles. Workboots are great for construction workers or motorcyclists. Some of the companies for whom employer’s safety comes first, made wearing steel toed boots mandatory for their workers. These boots are long lasting and can be worn throughout the year.


  • Constructed from best leather upper material, these work boots ensures durability and strength.
  • The boots are an electrical hazard (EH) approved that maintains the standard of protective footwear .
  • Outer thick rubber sole guarantees both oil and slip resistant qualities for better support and grip.
  • The rubber rugged made these boots terrains in any type of surfaces.
  • Padded collar ensures appropriate and comfortable fittings in your feet.


  • Initially people with wider feet might feel uneasiness, but within a week or so it will ease out.
  • Sometimes wearing with work socks made these boots very heavy.
  • Padding inside the insole doesn’t work well for heels, but the boot offer strong grip and foot protection.

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Product review

One of the prime lookout for a shoe is the material that it is made up with. These boots are made of high quality upper leather. This means that these shoes can breathe. With this quality these boots work wonders in evaporating the perspiration of your feet, making it safe from odor and bacterial infections. Beside this it easily adapts the shape of your foot maintaining the strength and support for your footing.

Work boots are not only worn as uniform as it is also very useful for safety measure in workplaces. According to occupational safety guidelines requirement for protective features in industries and construction sites are obligatory. Rhino comes with electrical hazard approval safeguarding the workers from injuries and electrical hazards. The outer sole acts as a protective shield towards live electrical shocks.

The outsole thread shape is built in such a manner that it prevents you from workplace accidents or injuries. While choosing a good pair of shoes the sole must be noticed. Rhino supports both oil and slip resistant sole for abundant strength and griping. Along with its gripping the thick rugged rubber outer soles helps to fit comfortably and keep tractions in any surface.

Apart from all these the padded collar ensures stable and sturdy footwear. These boots are great for sustenance and has long lasting potentialities. The finest fitting of these boots makes your footwork very comfortable all day long. The padded ankle collar offers additional support to your feet. Perfect for construction sites, machinery shops, electrical works or industries.


60S21 Rhino 6 Inch Steel Toe Safety Work Boot – Black,12 D(M) US,Black. The shoes act as a preventive measures for your safety. Choosing a best pair of shoe is one of the important tasks. To stay comfortable and protected, this rhino boot works are excellent. The sturdy outersoles are the prime desirability of these boots. Being shock resistant, slip resistant and durable, these boots are very popular for all the workers. Many employers too prefer these boots for their employees’ safety as the outer. Rubber sole acts as a shock absorber. Well fitted insoles with excellent leather quality and durable steel toe. The design of the work boot is also very elegant and long lasting. In one word a good bargain in reasonable price.

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