5 Ways to Break in New Work Boots

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Break in New Work BootsOnce you find the right pair of work boots, your feet will be comfortable as well as protected from blistering, chafing and injury. Regardless of the amount of time worn, at no point should a proper pair of boots become uncomfortable. Even with that being said, even the most ideal boots for you can rub and pinch your feet when you first begin to wear them. Therefore, before you can feel good on your feet in them, you will need to break them in.

The following will guide you through five ways that you can break in your new boots to ensure an optimal level of comfort while working.

Wear Them Around the House

The simplest way to break in your boots is to wear them, but you do not want to immediately wear them while on the job. While at home, wear them for short periods of time allowing the leather to systematically adapt and stretch to your feet.

Use Alcohol on Pressure Points

To speed up the process of breaking in work boots by wearing them for short stretches of time, rub alcohol on the pressure points to speed the process along. You will need to wait until your feet begin to hurt in the boots then rub the alcohol to the areas that are causing you discomfort. This will cause the leather in the particular areas to expand as it begins to dry on your feet. This will deliver comfort according to the shape of your feet.

Use Mink Oil

Mink oil softens leather, which will make it more pliable on your feet. The best way to use the oil, is to apply it to the boots then wear them as usual. This will allow the boots to quickly adapt to your feet minus any level of discomfort during the breaking in process.

Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner works the same way that mink oil does in regards to the softening of leather. Simply rub the conditioner all over the boot and wear as you would usually, the leather will become soft and stretch so that the shoe can be broken in.

Use a Showhorn

A fairly quick way to break in work boots is to use a shoehorn. This is due to the fact that the wooden form expands in order to properly stretch the leather. Simply place the shoehorn within the boot and leave it for a few hours while the leather stretches.

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